Shredded Tire Mulch for Play Area Is Enjoyable, However, Is It Safe?

The park setups are so magnificent now with the brand-new rubber surface areas, sand, and tire mulch. The sand was excellent till you needed to clean up every inch of your child before entering your house simply to eliminate the external sand. Not to mention the sand for the cleansing stage 2 when inside your home.

Playground Surface area Choices


The sand was constantly all over! Hair, clothes, diapers, and feet! How horrible, however, the kids constantly had a terrific time.

Rubber Matted Surface area

The rubber matted play area surface area was an extremely innovative idea however with Florida heat the premises were so hot, you needed to fret about the kids getting charred. The rubber matted surface area soaked up a lot of heat.

Shredded Tire Mulch

The shredded tire mulch was the response the whole time. I even keep in mind attempting to consider methods to might them helpful because of the issues with the disposal issues. The shredded tires are colored various colors, they remain cool because of the little parts and the kids have a good time playing, falling and jumping in them.

Rubber tire mulch for playgrounds needed to be among the very best concepts of this time. I enjoyed myself like never ever before. I naturally needed to experiment with this brand-new surface area. (When other grownups were not around).

I moved down the slides for the very first time in numerous several years. I was connected as were my grandchildren. My 2 years of age granddaughter had no bumps and swellings from falling. I am quite sure she when she did fall, she did it on purpose!

No sand tidy up, no surface areas too hot from the sun. This is terrific I inform you ... or is it?

Contaminated materials
Now after the enjoyment disappeared weeks later I bore in mind that tires were constantly thought about toxic waste. My more research study lets me understand that the chemical in the mulch cause gardens not to carry out well because of this chemical being launched when damp.

Garden enthusiast are informed that they do not need to mulch for the next Ten Years. Not informed about the mulch stunting the development of the plants or the other hazardous additive this mulch aka tire rubber has.

Sand was a terrific idea till we understood kids were getting ringworm from it. Not to point out the hassle entry into our kid’s clothing.

Protective Actions to Take

Shower your kids straight after the park check out.

Do not put pieces in the mouth.

Caution your child that they need to not eat while dipping into the park to prevent any contact with the mouth.

We value healthy kids much better. Notify them and have enjoyable!